We are providing a broad variety of workshops related to Feng Shui. All our workshops can also be organized In-House.

Further more we are also providing classes to reach the practitioner level. This course is based on a three module program that will lead to an extensive knowledge of the subject and practical guidance including case studies, and samples.

All modules are two day workshops and are conducted in the Toronto area.

Other locations can be organized on request.

For inquiries please contact us at info(at)my-zensation.com

Register for our upcoming workshops:

·        Module 1 – November 27th – 28th 2010

·        Module 2 – December 4th – 5th 2010

·        Module 3 – December 11th – 12th 2010

·        Module 1 – January 22nd – 23rd 2011

·        Module 2 – January 29th –30th 2011

·        Module 3 – February 5th – 6th 2011

·        Module 1 – March 26th – 27th 2011

·        Module 2 – April 2nd –3rd 2011

·        Module 3 – April 9th – 10th 2011

·        Module 1 – May 28th – 29th 2011

·        Module 2 – June 4th –5th 2011

·        Module 3 – June 11th – 12th 2011

Module 1:

This workshop is suitable for Designer, Home stager and anyone who is interested to learn the practical aspects of Feng Shui

During a 2days Feng Shui workshop you will learn:

Definitions of Feng Shui

Purpose of Feng Shui

History and different schools of Feng Shui

Landscape Feng Shui

The protective Structure

The concept of five elements

The Eight Mansion

Ming Kua number and how to use them

Flying star ready chart

Introduction to the Lo Pan

Auspicious Feng Shui object

Cures and remedies

The difference between feng shui and interior design

Feng Shui sample reports

Module 2:

This is an intermediate level and the student needs to have the first module completed.

Flying Star theories

How to draw a Flying Star chart

Other important Feng Shui Formula and theories

Special Flying Chart

30 rules of Feng Shui

How to read a Lo Pan

Influence of the Four Pillars in Feng Shui

Feng Shui sample reports

Module 3:

This is the advanced course suitable for anyone who wants to dive into the depth knowledge of feng shui. The course requires the completion of module 1 and 2.

The San Yuen School

The San Ke School

Water Formula

Feng shui sample report