How to sell Properties quicker


Properties are about Location, Location, Location.

 If you want to learn how to sell your projects faster it is not only that.

 Location, Orientation, Direction and Feng Shui


The property market and real state it’s a booming business in Dubai and is going on the fast track. With the development also the competition increased and uniqueness and trends are hard to find. Customers are still looking for personal identity, what is reflected in the choice of property. 

In our one day workshop you will find out how you can sell quicker, how you can sell the right property to the right person and in which projects you invest your valuable time. 

You will also find out what are the reasons why some homes are sold in a blink of an eye and others stay in the portfolio for seasons. What are the causes that some properties are welcoming potential customers by themselves and others needs to be equipped with the nicest furniture’s to create an atmosphere. 

We are providing you a unique way to touch the emotional side of your clients and offer the best possible option to them, they will be happy and hence you will be satisfied and that’s what makes a big change sales figures. Stop losing deals, we show you how you can fix it easily. 

This specific workshop it’s an in house workshop which tailor made for your own company. 

This sales  workshop will cover: 

  • How feng shui is in many cultures but just called in other name?

  • The simple knowledge of feng shui

  • How to select the proper property for each specific client.

  • Which property is good and which one is not.( how to correct them)

  • How to prioritize what needs to be improved to enhance a home sale.

  • What to look for when buying a property.

  • How to select good property from a bad one

  • How to guide your client for a better buy

  • 10 special tips to sale a properties faster.