Feng Shui Workshop on March 5&6 2010  

Let me tell you a secret

Did you know that Jimmy Choo, The Trump Empire,Body Shop and even   McDonald's engage the services of a Feng Shui consultant in their everyday business?

Have you also ever wondered what is the secret and why do some people reach to the top of the ladder faster than others?

or even why you were happy in your old house and now struggling in your brand new villa?

Feng Shui has been around for centuries and successful business owners believe the power of this great Chinese science.

Do you wish to be successful in Your business?

Do you wish to have constant happiness and posses great energy in your workplace and home?

International Feng Shui Consultant Proshat Lehmann will  teach you this ancient  Chinese science and the power of Feng Shui in her 2 day workshop in March !!

This workshop is specially designed for anyone who would like to have a better understating of Feng Shui and learn the practical approach towards the modern life.

There are different schools and systems of Feng Shui and Proshat will be teaching the Flying Star Method which will give you the most effectvie results.

enhance the positive energy,re-direct the negativity and discover any potential problems.

apart from learning how to read the chart of your home or office, this 2 day workshop also covers:


-          The basic principles of Feng Shui

-          Yin & Yang principles

-          Relationship between the Five elements

-          How to take directions

-          Determine the direction which any building, home, office, or apartment is facing

 -          Flying Star method

-          Calculation of your life number and how to use

By the end of this 2 days workshop you will  know how to enhance positive energy,re-direct the negative ones, discover any potential problems,bring some order to your environment and feel empowered to make changes there.

you will also get deeper insight in to clearing blockages which prevented the maximization of your life potential.

so what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call Proshat to book your seat Now !!

Date: Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of March

Time: 11am- 4pm

Ticket:2500 AED

Reservation date open until 25th Feburary.Book your seats now as there are limited number of seats.

Email:info@my-zensation.com OR call 050 350 86 88 for more details