I used to have a very naïve understanding of Feng Shui, I have come to learn that we have a fast food version of Feng Shui in North America.  By over simplifying the science and depth of Feng Shui we have essentially robbed it of its value; we have diluted it down to a “happy meal”.  A fast, cheap, one size fits all system that does more harm than good.  I believe that if everyone understood the value of authentic Feng Shui it would become an essential life strategy to maximize our health and prosperity and profoundly shape our decisions and choices.

By no means am I an expert in Feng Shui but I will share with you what I have learned that has made me rethink my life strategies.  Authentic Feng Shui is individualized; everything is driven from your date and time of birth, your geography (where you live) and the current Chinese year, so unless you are living with your twin, chances are your chart is unique to you.  This also means that a proper Feng Shui analysis of your home would incorporate all of the personal charts of the individuals that share a home.  Feng Shui does not simply offer insights into achieving harmony in your environments; it offers insights into achieving your personal and professional life strategies.  The principles and laws of Feng Shui apply to businesses, communities, cities; they are universal. 

Perhaps an analogy would help.  When you see your financial planner there are certain factors that are predictive and others that are conditional to your own personal economics as well as changing market economics.  These non-predictive factors change and need to be reconsidered yearly to ensure you are maximizing your wealth potential.  The same can be said for Feng Shui.  There are some factors that are predictive governed by the laws of Feng Shui and there are other non-predictive factors based on your environment and the Chinese year that enable you to maximize your life potential or the potential of your business. 

I urge you to explore the power of authentic Feng Shui.  Like yoga, it yields benefits whether or not you understand the science behind it.  For those of you that have experienced the often intangible yet highly compelling benefits of yoga, the rewards of Feng Shui are similar in nature but with a much broader focus and far more pervasive benefits. 

Where did I learn all of this from?  A brilliant and genuine Feng Shui practitioner, Proshat Lehmann.  Proshat recently move to Canada from Dubai, she also leverages her skills as an architect and creative designer to deliver effective strategies for you and/or your business.  She is an exceptional Feng Shui life, home and business advisor, to learn more I highly recommend you contact her directly.

Dawna MacLean, Owner MacLean Consulting, Toronto


I have known Proshat for 7 years and if I were to describe her in 2 words it would be: INCURABLE OPTIMIST. 

Her great achievements in life, both on the professional and personal front, are the fruit of true balance and harmony she has faithfully created in her own life through mastering the art of Feng Shui. 

Proshat is resourceful,professional and hard working. She always goes the extra mile and gives you creative solutions which are implementable within your time/budget limits. 
What makes Proshat's work unique is the genuine passion she has for helping people improve their lives and helping organizations improve heir performance.” April 21, 2011

Elika Gharavi, Brand Manager – NESCAFÉ Premium Range (13 countries), Nestlé Middle East FZE


I was one of the world's most sceptical people regarding feng shui. So, why have I worked with Proshat on numerous occasions? Simple, Proshat is first and foremost an architect, who works according to feng shui principles in the way it was intended. Whether it is for a large master development, or your own home, Proshat has the knowledege, skills and professional qualifications to fully understand your needs and put it into reality. The results are practical yet creative, and will alter your perceptions on feng shui, it's not all about crystals and water features but a whole science.”

Ben Wood


"My husband is a CEO of a well known company. But last year he starts to loosing the client and suffering a lot from the health issues as well. After a long time I could convince him to bring a feng shui consultant. Friend of mine Ayesha had a feng shui consultant couple of months ago and I could see her life start to moving in to the happiness. So I got Proshat numbers from her and asked her to come to our office. She had wonderful realistic idea which was amazing. and she return our life back to us. I think feng shui it’s a very hard science and I suggest her to anybody who needs practical, realistic feng shui design. I can guarantee she will help you more than what you think."

Janet Montgam


Hi proshat
"I think you have a special place in my heart since you came to my house last year, my life is changed 180 degree, I was living alone, no partner and struggling with the job I did not like it. you friendly energized my relationship corner and also enhanced my career direction and within a 8 months I got married and find the business I do love it. isn’t it wonderful how she is flowing with the energy?
I would like to thanks you once again and suggesting your special feng shui package to everybody."

Joy line


"I find Proshat Sarablou Iranian women when reading the magazine. I'm delighted I called her and asking her help. She has her own special way, she is not acting with me like any other feng shui lady, to just get the money and running away, she came 3 times in my house in Arabian Ranches and talk with me and my 18 years old daughter to understand our problem. In the 4th day she start to draw my floor plan and measuring around my house and give me a list of suggestion, I have to say she is so great, she help me for my painting. Landscaping and even my decorative item. Those was 4 months ago and know in this stage I would like to tell her my success story and inform everybody that I don’t get any more head ach. I was suffering from head aches for a long time and checking out with every Doctor, they inform me that I don’t have any problem but still I had head ach. Proshat changed my life big time."

Sara Zamani


"You would not believe this", she just came to my house 3 weeks ago, I ask her if she can fix my personal life, if it possible to meet a nice partner and also how I can earn more money?

Proshat explain me, feng shui it’s not magic and it’s not going to happen in a one night. But I promise you and help you to change the energy in your flat and you will see the result step by step.

She walked with me room by room and gives me her honest opinion and the things I have to change. Her way is too easy, very understandable and not wishy washy .

Now I am so excited, it’s only past 3weeks, I met the guy I was looking for that for a long time. I am too busy in my business which I hired an assistant and Life it’s just great. I highly recommend her service to any body who, needs changes in her life.

Alice Hoggen
Life trainer


In my opinion Proshat is one of the most talented Feng Shui masters in the business. OUT are the difficult to understand signs and mumbo jumbo, IN is the plain and simple steps to creating a healthy and wealthy environment to grow your family and business.
The day after de-cluttering and repainting my villa, I was offered business totaling over $10,000 - from out of the blue! You don't need to know how it works, just trust those who do, the worst that can happen is that you clean out your closet. I recommend her work to everyone I meet.

Book Proshat now, whilst you can still afford her!'

Dave Crane
Life Designer


Dear Proshat,

I would like to thank you for the amazing Feng Shui you ‘did’ in our home. The small adjustments and additions to our living room and stairwell have made such a difference. All my friends comment on the crystal chandelier which has turned a dark area of the house over to a bright, stunning entrance hall. The garden is still proving to be the biggest challenge to get right .. I can feel it is brimming with opportunity and the tidy up certainly created some wealth to start flowing … but as ever we need some more !

I would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to make the most out of where they live. The harmony and balance is flowing beautifully and is apparent to all who come to our home.

Many Thanks again

Sarah Baerschmidt


Dear Proshat

I generally believe that when there is clutter in your home, there is clutter in your life. However, I never realized to what extent that was true until I asked Proshat to Feng Shui my home. I was very anxious to get started, so soon after her consultation; I began taking the necessary steps to complete the required tasks. The first task I did was to eliminate all the clutter. Soon after, I painted my walls and rearranged my furniture as recommended by Proshat. While I did almost everything required within a very short period of time, I did not immediately move out the bags of clutter and unwanted furniture. Instead, I placed them for about 3 weeks in the center of my hallway.

For that period, nothing happened. In fact, it felt like some of the difficulties I was facing were dragging more than ever. One day, after a huge argument with the bank regarding a certain transaction for my newly established company (a process that was well into its 3rd month and dragging still), I decided that it was time to clear out the hallway from the junk. I took steps to give away the items so that my hallways can be clear and open. Within one hour of doing that, the bank called to inform me that the matter has finally been resolved (after almost 3 months of difficulties from the Compliance Unit). Two days following that incident, the apartment that was trying to rent out for more than 4 months was finally rented. There were other private matters that took place within that very same week. It was truly beyond belief. Since then, my new business has started on a very high and positive note.”

Mona Shibel

White Wedding Planer