Feng Shui Kua Directions


How to calculate your kua number?

The Kua number is based on the Chinese solar calendar. Therefore it is not matching exactly with the western lunar calender. So for those born before the 4th February, deduct a year. Example, birth date is February 4th, 1950, calculate your Kua number as 1949.

Calculate based on your gender

The kua number is calculate based on your gender. The calculation is different between male and female.

 First you should take the last two numbers of the year you were born and add them together, reduce them to a single digit. Then if it’s a male you should deduct a single digit form 10 and if it’s a female you should add a single digit to 5. If again you get two digits you should add them together until you reach to 1 digit.

Female calculation

For example if you were born in 1979

7+9 = 16


and then as a female you should add 5 to your single digit

 7+5=12 (1+2=3)

Kua number is 3


Male calculation

If it’s a male you should take the single digit and deduct if from 10

so if you were born in 1962



Kua number is 2


How ever there is an exception when the result is 5. The number 5 needs to be replaced for male with kua number 2 and for female subsitute it with the kua number 8. You can see the kua numbers are including 1 till 9 without having the number 5.



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