Myth’s of Feng Shui

Feng shui an ancient Chinese science established 3000 years ago, with the purpose of making human life easier by understanding the natural elements and energy movement of nature. >The words translated “wind and water” and pronounced “fung shway”. Feng Shui aims for strength, harmony and balance. It considers locations, materials, proportions, shapes and orientation. Feng shui can used to improve different parts of the life both personally as well as professionally.

Commonly we see results where people better support their health, improve relationships, further develop their business and career, boost their prosperity and eventually manifest feelings of greater joy broadly. Feng shui it’s not a religion, nor a belief: it’s an art and life skill. With feng shui we are able to live in comfort, and maximize the joy in our life. Feng shui creates a secure environment with a balance and harmony in nature.

In some literature, feng shui is described as an art of placement or geomancy science. This discipline is focused on the understanding of flow of chi (energy) and how to live in harmony with it by sitting, orienting, designing and decorating the building where we live and work. It’s a study of energy chi and how chi can affect your life. Simply put, it can be described by the following example. Seventy-five percent of the body is water and the rest its oxygen. We breathe gradually to let the chi in and if we stop, our life would stop as well. It is very important to direct and flow of energy in our surrounding. This energy is recognized in many different societies: In Hindu it is called prana, the Japaneese called it Qi and in the Christian world it is know as spiritus. The chi or energy can be determined between cosmic, earth or people and it’s quality is reflected through shapes, colours, sounds and cycles of nature.

One of the main tasks of Feng Shui is to guide the chi in the right way and to avoid it being stuck or stagnating. Summarizing, Feng Shui can be a very powerful companion if it is used in the right way. It can increase the energy in the areas of life that are planned and minimize the threat from harmful surroundings. Feng Shui is not magic, it creates an awareness to change the parts of the life that we do have control of.