Feng Shui Art

Proshat Sarabloo, Zensation, Feng Shui, Art, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Back ground: Proshat Sarabloo Dubai based Feng Shui consultant started painting only in the recent years as she found her multi talent growing in this direction. With a great experience as a Feng Shui consultant and the background of an architecture degree her creativity is evolving into different dimensions. As an autodidact she started Painting modern art with the feng shui influences that creates not only unique art also make an environment that supports the owner and create unity in the nature.

She uses the theory of five elements in her modern painting. Each of her art represents one of the five elements in the nature which is water, wood, fire, earth and metal. By using the five element you can bring tremendous results in your health, wealth, relationship as same as in the professional and personal level.

Proshat says using colour and art is one of the simplest ways for enhancing the energy in ones house or office. By using the suitable piece of Feng Shui art in the accurate direction, one can balance the five elements of Feng Shui .She believes sometimes bringing the actual element in the working or living environment is not possible so by using her feng shui art you can easily energize your place and achieve your goal in a shorter process.

Each of her painting has a tag on the back of the canvas and shows where it should be located to have the best result. She could also offer you a consulting session and analyzing your hotel, restaurant, office, showroom or house  chart and suggest you which painting is good to buy and what is the best spot to display .