What to expect from the Feng Shui consultation

A Feng Shui consultation consists of two visits.  During the first visit, the space in question will be inspected and the consultant will work diligently to collect all of the necessary information to take away and create a personalized report. 

During the second consultation, you will receive a detailed and personalized report with suggestions for remedies and enhancements for the interior and exterior of your home or office. At this point the client and consultant will address any immediate questions or concerns regarding the results of the report, and come up with a plan to implement the changes advised.  The Destiny Chart will also be discussed in detail at this point.


What to prepare prior to a face-to-face Feng Shui consultation

  • The date of birth of the people living or working in the space
  • The date of construction or renovation of the building
  • An accurate floor plan of the space, including measurements


What to prepare prior to distance Feng Shui consultation:

Regardless of where you live in the world, a personalized Feng Shui consultation can be completed for you.  To receive an energy chart and report for any location, please send the following information by email:

  • The date of birth of the people working or living in the space
  • The address of your location
  • The date of construction or renovation of the building
  • An accurate floor plan of the space, including measurements
  • A link from Google Earth of the exact location of the  building
  • Pictures of the outside of the building, including the neighboring surroundings
  • Pictures of the inside of the actual space in question. 
  • To address all your needs, outline your purpose for doing a Feng Shui consultation


What to expect from a Feng Shui report:

The purpose of a Feng Shui report is to provide a better and clearer understanding of the minor or major changes needed in the home or office of a client.

 The report is then divided into three major sections:

 a) The Natal Chart of the entire space

 b) The Natal chart of each room

 c) The Destiny chart of each person.

The Feng Shui report demonstrates which areas of the space contains the positive energy, and at the same time offers remedies for the areas containing negative energy, in order to strengthen both harmony and balance.

The Feng Shui Report can assist you to choose a new home or office, design or build a new interior or exterior space, and/or organize the placement of furniture, colours, artwork, decorative object and remedies.

There are four methods that we use to analyze the chart of a given area: Flying Star, Form school, Water formula and Four Pillar of Destiny which are described in the methodology section.