What is a Feng Shui Party?

A Feng Shui Party is a fun and fascinating two hour experience which will teach fundamental knowledge and awareness of Feng Shui to you and your guests. Instead of attending a classroom, we present an interactive workshop at your home or office. On this special evening you and your guests will learn from our Feng Shui Practitioner the practical ways of applying Feng Shui in your homes. While we will entertain your guests with our knowledge, all you have to take care of is the refreshments and the location.

Furthermore you can also choose a special topic as a theme for your event:

-          Feng Shui for Relationships

-          Feng Shui for Health

-          Feng Shui for Family and Harmony

-          Feng Shui for Success

-          Feng Shui for Art

At the end of the workshop each guest will receive a mini Feng Shui Report including his/ her best direction to work or sleep, the most powerful element and the most dominant colors.

This workshop is designed for:

-          House warming party to invite a positive energy into the home

-          Offering an extra recharge of energy, while learning and having fun with your guests

 What‘s in for you?

  • A night to remember with friends or colleagues
  • Introduction to Feng Shui principles
  • Tips to design and decorate with Feng Shui
  • Learn how to balance the elements
  • Techniques for improving chi in the house
  • Individual Feng Shui report for every guest
  • Practical Tips from our certified Feng Shui Master

What is the cost?

Having a Feng Shui party costs as little as a night at the cinema. The price per person is only $30/guest.

This Feng Shui in-house event is ideal for 10 -12 people.

This offer is only available in the Toronto area for a limited time.

For inquiries Contact us at: 647 985 8689


or info(at)my-zensation.com